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Meet Nickie


The inspiration for Campus Bound Scholars goes back to July ‘99 when a 7-year old girl got off a train from NYC to visit my family under the auspices of the Fresh Air Fund. Little did I know how much this shy, adorable and smart little girl would change my life. Nicole Moore became a frequent visitor over the years and part of my family, growing up in her parallel life to my daughter Molly, who is the same age. In due time Nickie made her way through high school in New York City and was accepted into multiple colleges, finally deciding upon SUNY Albany.

The summer prior to Nickie and Molly’s departure for college, as I spent countless hours shopping for dorm room supplies and preparing my daughter for college life, it became clear to me that Nickie had no one helping her get ready. She didn’t know what to expect, what she needed to pack, how to get the things she needed, or even how to get up to school. It was my pleasure and privilege to help prepare Nickie for life at college, to gather the stuff she needed, to move her up to school and to support her as she settled in and ultimately thrived in her new environment.  

Amy Peck
Founder & Executive Director
Campus Bound Scholars

Mentoring can change lives. We are so proud of Nicole Moore, who graduated from SUNY Albany in May ‘14 and was selected for the highly competitive Teach For America program. Nicole is currently teaching fifth grade in New York City and has earned a masters degree in education.

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