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Adopting a Growth Mindset

I’m a freshman at Rochester Institute of Technology. A couple of weeks ago I took my first test for my DC Circuits class. I had prepared for it prior, therefore I thought I was going to do pretty well. However when I received my results, I did not get the grade I expected. Of course, I sulked over the grade, but according to what I learned in my Metacognitive Approaches to Scientific Inquiry class, there are two mindsets, the ‘growth’ and the ‘fixed’ mindset. What I would do after this setback would determine whether or not I was willing to change from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. After thinking about it I realized that I had two choices:loom over this one bad test grade and stay in the fixed mindset, or do something about it and adopt the growth mindset. I considered the test a wakeup call that college wasn’t going to be as easy as high school. I couldn’t just show up to class, do the homework, and review the material in order to understand and receive satisfactory marks. I had to spend more time out of the class and seek outside help. So I began to look over the times and days for recitations with the teacher’s assistant and office hours and record them into my calendar. I made a promise to myself that I would attend these times if I didn’t have a class or other conflicts. One week later, I received a quiz in the same class and noticed that I felt much more confident during this quiz. Later in that week I received my results and I got a perfect score!

Crystal McFarlane Rochester Institute of Technology Class of 2022


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