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Meet Ruby

Meet Ruby Acquah, a scholar who is currently a freshman at SUNY Buffalo majoring in Biomedical engineering. "My goal is to work at a laboratory or clinic. I plan on using engineering to help people. I like the idea of finding cures and doing medicinal problems with technology and engineering. I am very friendly and love working with people and helping them. I reside in Mount Vernon but I was born and raised in Ghana. I moved to the States when I was 13 and have lived here ever since. Life is just a learning field, we learn from it everyday. Through this mentoring program, Campus Bound Scholars, I have learned how to seek help and not feel ashamed. Thanks to this program and many others, I am in college reaching my goals and also doing many other incredible jobs. Next summer, I plan on studying abroad to widen my experiences. During my free time, I hang out with my friends, volunteer and watch movies."


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