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Advice from a Campus Bound Scholar

Say hello to Denisse and her mom! Denisse, a Campus Bound Scholar ’14, just finished her freshman year at Cornell University and has this advice for other first-gen college freshman.

“I want to share some tips that would be great to follow as you begin college. The first one is to make a lot of friends by joining clubs, organizations, meetings, and events because that will reduce homesickness and a lot of connections are fantastic! Also, make sure that you get to know your professors. They will always be willing to help and they love to hear students who are eager to learn. Lastly, look for note taking, reading and listening strategies so you understand what study skills work best for you. If you can, read a chapter of your course ahead of time before your professor gives the lecture, so you have an idea of what the professor is saying. Finally, form study groups! When you make a study group, not only does it force you to study, it can teach you what you actually do and don’t know by explaining it to someone else.

Remember everything is possible even when you face a rough patch. I truly wish the best for all and keep in mind the words of Theodore Roosevelt, “Believe you can, and you are already half way there”.

Thanks, Denisse, we believe in YOU!!!


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