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First Days

First Days can be filled with excitement and optimism. The first day of school. The first day of a new year. The first day of summer vacation. The first day of a new job. And even the “first day” of a new organization. We launch our website today with great excitement and energy. I remember the first time we met our students in June of last year like it was yesterday. Five adults and five kids coming together to help ensure a dream comes true – to graduate from college. From that day until today I have spoken to my mentee Andres perhaps 100 times. I have learned so much from him (and been reminded often by him) about the complexities of surviving your freshman year as a first–generation student. It has been a life-changing time for both of us. So today we mark the occasion of our launch – in the middle of a very difficult winter season. But from this cold and snowy day, the First Day of spring and our First Day with a new group of students is about a month away. Another First Day right around the corner. I can’t wait. – Steve Skillman, Campus Bound Scholar mentor & board of directors president


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